About BuKuu

About Bukuu

We share a passion for events organising, creating, structure designing, building and being a part of making peoples unforgettable dream venue come true, whilst also being involved in the magic of festival's creative production and offering a magical space for happy humans and anyone looking for something a little different.

We have worked in the festival, wedding, event and functions field for many years, having experience in all aspects of hire: dressing, flooring, lighting, furnishings and more. Carpentry and wood work are something we specialise in, incorporating our very own touch and style to every piece we create, blending this with our love for beautiful colours and our artistic backgrounds influence, all this mixed with unusual gothick metal work.

Luckily we have a great team of friends and hardworking crew that have been working with us from the beginning.

We are constantly expanding and have many more creative designs we are currently working towards, hoping to be bringing you more unusual, beautiful and breathtaking structures in the sunny years to come...

We provide a personal and friendly service to help you create unforgettable and magical memories.

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"Thanks for your speedy reply! Really pleased you are able to provide all this for us and its exactly what I imagined my venue to be like and more.  We have been let down by four respected and well used marquee companies in our area so its pleasingly refreshing to deal with yourself as you have been very obliging and efficient. Thanks so much again" Neil & Rebecca

"Everything was amazing, we know how lucky we were to get the Yurkee...thanks again and good luck for the future, if ever we win the lottery we will be calling for you to make me a yurkee of my very own, we were blown away by what you had made" Rachel & Justin

"Set up was effortless and I appreciate the support in the run up also" Rennae Festival Ink

"Thanks again for such a wonderful time in the pod! Will be looking to staying in them again in the near future!" Lily Bateman

"Nice one and hello to our fellow teardroppers!" Emma Smallman x

"Best accommodation at a festival we've had." Carly Dean

“Thank you for providing great accomodation, and for being a part of our luxury camping field” Yaz, Boomtique

“Massive thank you to both Julia & Eon. The canopy was great and kept us and our stock dry despite the constant rain on Sunday, again thank you for everything” Rennae from Festival Ink

“The Bukuu was amazing!!!! And I believe the main reason we were able to attract customers from across the whole field. Not the best position and we smashed it, even on Sunday with the rain” Rennae Festival Ink

“We just wanted to say thank you for all your help and creating such a cool venue.. the Yurt looked amazing. Tanks again for all your hard work” Laura & Mike

“Your tents are strikingly beautiful!!” Jim, East Cornwall

“I had such a great time, and the pods were just top notch. I can't get too used to that life!!! Thanks so much for all the organisation and warm reception, and it was great to meet you.” Tom, Access all Areas magazine

“I'm writing up the piece now, so look out for it in the October issue. I'll include the yurt pics and some comment on the Bukuu Teardrop experience therein!” Tom, Access All Areas, Mash Media

"Thank you for providing great accommodation and for being a part of our luxury field"
Yaz, Boomtique

"We just wanted to say thank you for all your help and creating such a cool venue.. the Yurt looked amazing. Tanks again for all your hard work"
Laura & Mike

About BuKuu - teardrop inside
About BuKuu