Teardrop Pods

Stunning, elegant and unique teardrop shaped pods that hang from a tripod a foot off the ground! We have handmade them ourselves, using local products from sustainable sources around the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire. The timber is hand picked, the metal is hand bent and the canvas is hand stitched, because of this the end result is tactile and personal and they guarantee to keep you high and flood free! They have a metal frame covered in cotton canvas with a wooden flooring and tripod.

A pod can also come with a front canopy which measures 4.2m x 5m, this is a great add-on to create a sheltered outdoor space. If you are glamping, this is perfect for table and chairs, which we can provide for you, or if you hire a pod for any other use this is a perfect covered area giving you more space to work with. If the mid-day sun is beating down, you will be in the shade and if the heavens open the party will still go on!

How it all started...

The idea originally came to Eon a few years back with his passion for new and exciting structures. By the Autumn, Bukuu went on to start making their first Teardrop with some great friends to help along the way. By February 2014 the pods were booked to provide boutique luxury camping accommodation at some major UK festivals and not only that but also for private hire, birthday parties and glamping.

Now, our demand for providing Luxury accomodation has more than doubled, some of the main festivals and events include Boomtown Fair, Glastonbury, Innocent Unplugged, Shambala, Camp Bestival, Bestival...and more.

A teardrop will sleep 2 adults comfortably, or 2 adults and 1-2 small children.

Our team will come to your venue and build the Teardrops a few days prior to your event, or in the case of a single private hire we will set up the day before your event. It takes approximately 3 hours to set up one pod.

The measurements

A Teardrop Pod measurements are:

  • The internal floor space is approx 4m diameter (13 ft)
  • The height of a pod from ground to tip top is approx 5.5m (18 ft)
  • The height inside the pod from floor to tip top is approx 3.6m high (12ft)
  • The tripod triangle once up is approx 5m x 5m x 5m diameter (17ft)
  • The space needed to put up a pod is approx 8m x 8m x 8m diameter (27ft) (this is the minimum ground space needed to put up a pod)

Delivery charge

Delivery is charged at 0.90p a mile for all journeys to and from HR9 7AU.

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