The Yurkee

We have named this structure The Yurkee. The reason for this name is that it is not quite a yurt, not quite a marquee...basically a mixture of both!

It has a natural cotton canvas cover of a traditional marquee, it has the integrity of a timber framed building and yet has the beauty and style of a yurt.

The Yurkee is so far our biggest structure, handmade by ourselves, using a mixture of different wood from around the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire including Larch, Sweet Chestnut, Alder and Douglas Fir.  The flooring is made of coconut matting, in keeping with the rustic style of this structure.

This striking structure comes with two options: as a traditional marquee look or with extra sides which are optional, these “add-ons” give you extra space on both sides.

The Bukuu Yurt can also be used as an add-on to the Yurkee, they can be joined together at the front door or the back door of either structure, this is a great option for use as a catering tent, entrance reception hall, dance tent etc.

The Yurkee takes approximately 10 hours to put up, and 6 to take down. The hire is a minimum of 4 days allowing for set up and take down. If you require extra days hire for preparations etc please let us know at time of booking, extra days hire are charged on a daily rate.

The measurements

The Yurkee is so far our biggest structure, its measurements are:

The add-on sides are optional

Without add-on sides:

EXTERNAL measurements, including guy ropes:

  • 13m (42ft) wide
  • 15m (49ft) long

INTERNAL measurements: 

  • 11m (38ft) wide 
  • 13m (42ft) long

With add-on sides:

EXTERNAL measurements including guy ropes:

  • 19m (62ft) wide
  • 15m (49ft) long

INTERNAL measurements:

  • 17m (57ft) wide
  • 13m (42ft) long

Its capacity without add-on sides is:

  • up to 150 seated with tables
  • up to 300 standing

Its capacity with add-on sides is:

  • up to 250 seated with tables
  • up to 400 standing

Similar to the Bukuu Yurt, the Yurkee's poles are in keeping with the trees' shapes and natural curves, this creates a truly stunning and unusual structure, full of light thanks to the Ash and Hazel oblong crown with a see-through cover.

Two large two-tone Oak and Chestnut doors at the front and the back create a sense of grandeur whilst keeping the venue airy and easily accessible.

Delivery charge

Delivery is charged at £1.90 per mile for all journeys to and from HR9 7AU. This is for the Yurkee with flooring.

Please note en extra 0.90p per mile is charged for furniture hire and extras, this is to cover an additional van with labour.

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